Long-Reach, Rotating-Head Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine Installed

What a mouthful!

This new addition to our equipment range gives Zig Zags even more flexibility in the range of jobs it can handle. This extremely useful (not to mention expensive) piece of equipment will allow us to carry our a whole host of repairs and alterations, from putting new zips in boots of all types to readjusting padding in protective wear (especially sleeves and trousers).

This service has proven to be a much needed one by the commercial race teams we work with, as they often need logos stitched onto areas such as knees and elbows, and stitching onto leather in hard-to-reach areas can be problematic. Our last long-reach machine, our beloved Singer (of indeterminate age!) was up to the task, but only v-e-r-y ┬ás-l-o-w-l-y! and it’s been with us so long we can’t bear to part with it!

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