Motorcycle Leathers

Zig Zags are no strangers to the world of motorcycling, and can often be found sharing anecdotes and a cup of coffee with members of local motorcycle chapters in the region.

Because we have such a good understanding of Motorbikes and its demands on the rider, we are well-placed to come up with solutions to problems that riders have with their outerwear.

Zip Repairs to Bike Leathers

While we don’t create bespoke  clothing for the riders, we can make fine adjustments to their hugely expensive riding clothes to make them fit better, be more comfortable or simply more weatherproof by making small changes or additions to their clothing.

And of course if the Zip needs fixing…. we ‘fix the Zip!’

Even if you aren’t local, we can undertake modifications and repairs.

Simply mail or courier the garments to us, give us your instructions and we will give it our best shot. Usually this best shot is the best that most of our clients have ever had, because that’s what they tell us!


One of our recent projects was to put a personal message in leather onto the back of his motorcycle leather.

We have done this for a few customers in the past with all different slogans and names.. Nothing as forward as this!


Meet our very own Evel Knievel!

One of regular customers was competing in an important wheelie competition and needed his outfit altered… Of course he came straight to us.

Yet another biker happy to pose for a photo!